About My Vampire Lover series

A Dark Realm Novella Series by Victoria Embers


In the sample story of this novella series, Caroline, a werewolf and princess of the realm, has discovered a new love in her vampire captor. She’s willing to risk everything, even her life, to prove to him she loves him and has forsaken all others including her family and her pack.

Cover Design: A big thank you to Ally Thomas, author of the Vampire from Hell series, for designing this cover for the first story of the series and my website.

“Conquest (My Vampire Lover #1)” is a sample of the Dark Realm Novella series. The sample also includes Chapters 1 and 2 from Redemption (My Vampire Lover #2).

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WARNING! PLEASE READ: My stories contain adult language, situations or images not suited for children, violence, strong sexual content, language including light bondage situations, and adult themes. They are intended for mature readers only. All characters depicted in my stories are 18 years or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature.

“Redemption (My Vampire Lover #2)” – NOW AVAILABLE


Before Caroline fell for her vampire lover, she met Raphael, a warrior of the Dark realm under difficult circumstances. Raphael’s father, the dark lord Asmodeus is killing off her family and presents Caroline as a pet to Raphael. Caroline has secrets and wonders is the vampire willing to help her escape an enemy or friend? Realizing he must take action, Raphael works quickly to persuade the werewolf beauty who has claimed his heart to leave with him at once if he has a chance of setting her free.

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Cover Design: A big thank you to Sable Grey who designed this cover featuring ever popular model, Jimmy Thomas.  Like his Facebook page.

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