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Today S.I. Hayes is on my blog. She’s one of several authors in the vampire anthology, Vampires Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Risque Stories that I am also in and I’m happy to have her on my blog today.

Why an Anthology? 

So a short time ago, I saw a call out from a writer who calls herself Scarlette D’Noire, for an Anthology of Vampire Stories. The Premise was to gather a multitude of titles in the form of shorts, excerpts and essays all with the Vampire theme. At first I was reluctant, because I felt that YA groan in the pit of my stomach, as I often do since the popularity of the sparkling vampires. But when Scarlette informed me that there was to be a volume that included Erotica, my ears perked up and a grin cheshired across my face and I found myself seeking my writing partner Will Van Stone Jr. Why pray you ask? Because we recently published Awakenings: The Wrath Saga, . An adult Paranormal Drama, that just so happened to include *Gasp!* Vampires. Oh don’t think that’s all that we have, the work is all inclusive when it comes to the things that hide under the bed and between the sheets. *Devilish Grin*

Fun Fact: It took us several years to complete Awakenings. We had to start over so many times that there are parts that we’ve memorized, verbatim. *Laughs nervously* I may or may not have lost the entire manuscript on several occasions, *whistles innocently*

We’ve breathed life into something we hope you will receive with the same fervor in which we have written it. That you will follow us and the Wrath Clan through the twists and turns we have created for them. From the Mississippi River Basin to the Connecticut Elite, and even a Christian Vampire! We think there will be something for every adult who loves the nightcrawlers of the land, and the lustful spirits they embody.

But back to this Anthology, Vampires Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Risque Stories? Well it seemed to be right up our alley. As Indy authors one must get creative when it comes to trying to get exposure, it is a long and arduous task that often fails where it should succeed. This seemed to us to be the perfect way to contribute to something fresh and awesome while still helping to build our fiendish brand. So with the go from Will, I set off looking for the perfect excerpt. Our tale is not all sex and violence, or dapper rich fops who wallow in their existence of endless night. I tried to find something that showed intrigue, drama and tension. Something that smoldered enough to have you looking for more around the bend. I hope that I nailed it. We like to think so. You really should take some time out of your day and check out the Anthology. There are some great reads just waiting to be discovered. Maybe even ours…

Take a moment and check out another great excerpt… This one was fun. 🙂 Cheers and Happy Writing!!

S.I.Hayes & Will VanStone Jr

Awakenings The Wrath Saga Blurb:

Authors Will Van Stone Jr (The Three: A Death Dealer Novel) and S.I. Hayes( In Dreams The Solitary Road) have combined their styles showing the Immortal world just beyond human eyes. Where the monsters are real, and living among us. Vampires, Werewolves, Demons and Gods, none will escape unscathed. The tensions are bubbling, for the Wrath Clan, without a lid to quell the lust, love, blood and mayhem that await. Join them in the twists and turns and find out what it truly takes to be Immortal.

Awakenings The Wrath Saga


Awakenings 3d renderNicholas awoke early. Fully dressed, he watched as Lyndsay slept. He leaned over her and kissed her cheek. She rolled over to his side of the bed and clenched the covers. He smiled as he made his silent departure from the room and closed the door behind him. Whistling to himself as he came down through the foyer he still beamed from his long awaited night with Lyndsay.

Reaching for the front door he saw Miguel sprawled out on the couch, his arms dangling over the back.

“Morning.” He chirped.

“It took you long enough.” Miguel grumbled.

“Excuse me.”

“You reek of sex.” He threw his legs over the sofa sitting up.

“Do I now?” Nicholas laughed, opening the door, wincing a bit.

“Hurt your back, didn’t you?” Now, Miguel laughed.

“It will heal. Besides, it was worth it.” He answered, closing the door behind him.

“Who ya talkin’ to?” A woman with a Brooklyn accent asked.

“Someone who lives here.” He answered, getting up finally.

She was quite petite, reason enough for Nicholas not to have noticed her. Her skin was bronzed, her hair short and black like the lashes of her barely slanted almond shaped eyes. She drew her knees up to her naked body and reached out.


“My dress?”

He picked it up from the floor, handed it to her. “Here K… Ka…“


“Sorry, I forgot.”

“It’s cool.” She pulled the dress down over her head; it was simple and black, falling loosely over her boyish frame. “I only mentioned it once.” She fished around for her heels, putting them on she continued. “So you guys do this every year?”

“Few times a year actually.” He sighed. “But I’ve never seen you before last night; your accent screams northeast.”

“Brooklyn, New York. I came out lookin’ for a friend, was crusin’ round with a few others who knew the joint and figured what the Hell, ya know?”


“I was hopin’ to find her.” She stood up and breathed hard through her teeth, her left hand to her head.

“Morning after headache. Let me get you some coffee.” Miguel sat her back down.

“Yeah, thanks.” She sank into the couch, pulling her legs under her like a child waiting for a show to come on. Miguel handed her the remote control and left her sitting there.

As his footsteps died away she flipped through the channels. After several minutes she got up and walked awkwardly to stand before the mirror. Lifting her dress she checked her thighs to find them black and blue. “Damn.” She half laughed as she pulled the dress off. She saw in her reflection that the bruises went all the way up her sides and back.

“This is gonna take weeks to heal. How am I gonna explain this shit to Pauley?” She laughed though it hurt to do so. Noticing a door in the mirror, she pulled the dress down and decided to investigate. Jiggling the handle the door opened and she stepped through. Looking around she found papers scattered across the desk. Reading some, she found that they were documents, deeds and birth certificates mostly, dating back to the nineteenth century. Thinking it odd she looked deeper in the desk, finding a photograph dated 1901. It was a picture of a pretty woman with black hair, piled high on her head under a bonnet, who smiled solemnly out of the picture at Karen.

Hearing footsteps, she darted out of the room, pulled the door shut behind her and jumped over the back of the couch, landing hard.

“Ow.” She muttered, rubbing her side.

Miguel entered, a cup of steaming coffee in his hand. “Here you go doll.” He extended the cup to her.

“Thanks.” She sipped the coffee. ”What did you do to me last night?”

“What? You don’t remember?”

“It was a rhetorical question. I’m covered in bruises.”

“Oh? I’m so sorry.” He sat beside her, rubbing her shoulders. “How’s that?”

Her head rolled to one side. ”Hmm, lower.”

He went farther down her back, softly, slowly increasing pressure.

“Lower.” She half moaned. “Not quite so hard.”

“Says you.” He climbed behind her, sliding down.

“I see.” She pulled his hands around to her thighs as he kissed her neck. “Alright.” Her voice quivered. ”But not so rough this time.”

“No problem.” He licked her neck as he lifted her dress.


Lyndsay rolled over opening her eyes, a contented sigh escaping her lips. The sun was high in the sky and shone brightly through the curtains. She lifted her head, her eyes adjusting to the light. “Where am I?” She looked at her surroundings again. Bed, nightstand, a desk with lamp and chair, papers all over and … Empty space.

“Nick’s room.” She smiled, pulling the sheet around her and got up from the bed. When her bare feet touched the ice-cold hardwood floor, she jumped back. “Gods, Nicholas! How he does this no rug thing I‘ll never know.” She clamored, tucking the sheet under her feet making mock slippers of it. “I don’t remember when those boots came off.” She mumbled, shrugging it off as she shuffled out of the room.

Upon ascending the stairs and reaching her door, Lyndsay found Cynthia sound asleep against it. Her hair was half down, covering her like a shroud. Lyndsay bent down, brushing the hair from her face. “Cyn?”

Cynthia stirred, roused by Lyndsay’s touch. “What’s wrong, hon? Why are you out here?”

“I…” She pulled herself up using the doorknob for assistance. “Needed to talk to someone.”

Lyndsay unlocked the door with the key above the molding. “Come in.” Cynthia followed, lethargically.

“You overfed, huh?”

“What makes you say that?”

“You show no signs of hunger but your exhausted, it’s a tell.” Lyndsay laughed. “It’s like after Thanksgiving dinner, you know how you always need a good nap.” She took underwear as well as jeans and a mid drift baring tank top from the drawers.


“So.” She dropped the sheet. “What brings you to my door?”

“I needed to talk to someone. Since I came here, my world has been turned upside down.”

“I can see how that could happen.”

“Right, so I was figuring that I could talk to you.”

“Like I said, what’s up?”

“I think I fucked up big time last night.”

“Like kill a host accidentally? No sweat happens here and there.”

“No! I think worse than that.” Cynthia looked back at Lyndsay, her last comment registering finally. “If I accidentally killed someone… Why, does that often happen?”

“It can, it has and probably will again and sometimes one of them could lose control.”

“Okay.” Cynthia’s voice became leery. “I didn’t do that but I um…” She bit her lip, an eyebrow raised. “Uh…”

Lyndsay sat down, awaiting the gossip. “Sit, go on.”

“I don’t exactly fall all over Erik, you know.”

“I do.”

“It is that obvious?”

“Not to them, but I picked up on it.” She laughed. “But I’ll tell ya, Erik’s a good kid… I mean he has his issues, but if you gave him half a chance…”

“I know and I had all intentions of it last night.”

“What happened?” Lyndsay poured two glasses of brandy from a decanter beside the bed. This is getting good.

“Christopher happened.”

“He was here last night?” She handed one glass to Cynthia.

“Thanks. Yea, apparently he comes to all of them dressed as Erik so nobody notices.”

“Well what happened?” She urged Cynthia to continue.

“I mistook him for Erik and I went off with him. We got to talking and he was so confidant, bold even and sure of himself, you know, not all timid or overly nice… We just talked about…” She stood there a moment, drink to her lips. “I don’t even recall what we talked about.” She laughed. “You know I should have noticed the height, hair color, but for whatever reason, I don’t know… He must have been walking in a ditch, I mean where we ended up was pretty far off from everybody…. Anyhow, I was impressed though and high as a kite from that boy earlier. I wanted him. When I tried he stopped me and told me he was Chris. I didn’t care, I wanted him anyhow and so I went for it. And I’ll tell ya,” she shivered. “I haven’t had head like that in a long, long time.”

Lyndsay started laughing.” Oh, shit! No you didn’t!”

“Seriously, I couldn’t help myself. Erik’s gonna kill me, isn’t he?”

“Like he needs to know.”

“So I don’t have to tell him? Phew.” She bit her lip again. “Can I keep seeing Chris?”

“Well you’re not related so I don’t see why not and besides, what Erik doesn’t know won’t kill you.”

“Him. Won’t kill him, you mean.”

“Right, that’s what I meant, slip of the tongue.”

Cynthia looked sideways at her and then leaned into her. “You know after everything last night, Chris and I did talk about one thing.”

“Just one?” Lyndsay smiled broadly and then stopped when she saw the more serious expression on Cynthia’s face. “What?”

“I wasn’t gonna bring it up, but he couldn’t understand why I didn’t know more about everything or why I had such trepidations about feeding. Of course I was all like, I am new to all of this but then he enlightened me to some useful information.”

Lyndsay shifted in her seat uneasily. I’m gonna kill him. Couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“So you did know that Erik sprung all of this on me. Did anyone ever plan on telling me that it was a big no, no as far as your rules go or that if I really felt so inclined I could ask for his head? So to speak.”

“Actually that was literal and I had all intentions of telling you,there just didn’t seem to be a good time. I thought it better to let you adjust to your new body and get a bit of experience under your belt.”

“Say I’m not pissed enough to call for his head, will he even be punished?”

“Oh, most assuredly. I know Nicholas has something in the works. It won’t be a castration as it should be ‘cause I’m giving him some leniency, son and all. That is unless you really are coldly furious and call for it. But I pray that you are not, because it would break my Nicky’s heart.”

“I wouldn’t wish that on many men, although what he did to me certainly qualifies as rape… No, I think that I have a better idea; let me torture him a bit.” A broad smile crossed her lips. “Don’t worry Lyndsay, I’ll deal with him.”

“Do I wanna know?”

“Let’s just leave it at I intend to use my wiles to all of my advantage and speaking of wiles, where’d you sleep last night?”

“Are you hungry?” Lyndsay got up heading for the door.

Cynthia cut her off. “Oh no you don’t, you’re not getting off that easily. You owe me.” She blocked the door.

“But I want food.” Lyndsay whined.

“Talk then eat so you’d better dish.”

“Well, last night after I ravished Miguel, I stumbled upstairs.”

“Wait, you and Miguel, really?”

“Yeah, well you know.”

“No, I don’t.” Cynthia sat back down, putting her hands under her chin. “Do tell; looks like he’d be hot in the sack.”

“Oh yeah, adventurous too. He was always game when I brought people home with me. Always up for some tag team action.”

“I don’t think I’d wanna share a guy like that with another girl.”

“Now did I say girl?” A devilish smile crossed her lips.

“He’s bi?”

“Isn’t everyone now a days?” She lit a cigar.

“I suppose from time to time, yeah, I guess so.”

“So, you’ve been there then?”

“In college.” She smiled as if her mind were elsewhere.


“And what?”

“How’d it go for you?”

“Well, she was my roommate and best friend, still is actually. I don’t even know how it started. We were friends and next thing I knew our beds were side by side. It was great, we always had fun and I guess I loved her, in my way.”

“Yeah, girls are great.” Lyndsay interjected, Cynthia laughed. “Continue.” Lyndsay smiled.

“We were together my first two years at Julliard. We had the same ballet instructor, and mutually hated him. I think I was captured by her the first time I saw her dance; the way she moved, such grace and intensity, only shadowed by her striking features. See she’s half-Korean on mom’s side and half-Puerto Rican. She has her mother’s eyes and her father’s attitude. The contrast made for such a rare beauty.

“But after she dropped out, having been hand picked by a small ballet company, we saw less and less of each other. I started seeing my vocalist Tim, so we broke it off. She understood that though we were great together, and believe me she was fabulous in bed, that I needed to be with a man. I needed to have that square jaw, facial hair. I needed to be with someone who, if I decided to spend the rest of my life with them, our children would have the same DNA. I know it sounds harsh but like I said she understood. We still see each other from time to time and occasionally, like twice a year, we have a fling. She’s got a great boyfriend back home and I hope she marries him since they have a two year old son.”

“Sounds like you really had something there.”

“Eh, I was young and she was so limber, guess I couldn’t resist.” Cynthia smiled as if remembering a moment she wished to keep.

“So obviously you’re adventurous. I can’t wait to tell Miguel; we had a bet going as to who was going to get you first.”

“Oh my God!” Cynthia laughed, her head between her knees. “You’re kidding right?”

“Not at all. You’re quite the little hottie.”

“Thanks, but I like my action one on one, preferably me on top of him. This is a bet you’ll both be losing.”

“Hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying. Let me ask you though, when you were with your girlfriend… What was her name?”


“Karen, did you have any good toys?”

“Tons, I’ve still got a closet full of stuff. I use it mostly on my male friend. He loves it when I play the man and besides, it does wonders for my ego.”

They both laughed hard, Lyndsay holding her side. “It’s hard on your back though ain’t it?”

“Not at all.” Cynthia confessed. “I just lay there and he backs on up and does all the work for me and I don’t even have to look at his face.”

“I think I need to take a shower that was so dirty. Funny, but still dirty.”

“Enough about my sexual appetite, tell me about your Nicky.”

“My… did I say that?”

Yes, you did. That’s where I assume you spent the night?” She laughed.

“Uh huh.” Lyndsay was doe eyed and smiling again.


“He’s not Miguel, let’s say that, but not a strict missionary man either. He could teach the Kama Sutra, I’ll tell ya, I had trouble with a couple of positions and I’m pretty sure I pulled muscles I didn’t know could be pulled. And I think Nick nearly broke his back trying to nail me at one point.”

Cynthia was laughing to the point of tears.

“Can we go eat now; was that enough talking for you?”

“Sure, you know I have this craving for an extra thick vanilla shake. Can I eat regular food? Please say I can, I don’t think I could live without my vanilla shakes or muffuletta.”

“Of course you can. What have you been doing all this time? I mean didn’t Erik even once attempt to feed you?

“Um, no. I think he’s been more concerned with trying to eat me.”

“Sheesh, I gotta talk to that boy. Food is a good thing, it just gets absorbed in to the blood stream and whatever doesn’t just comes back out the way it came in but without the sickly feeling after wards.”

“Oh, so the super model diet… I gotcha, that works for me. Just let me change right quick and we can go out. I know this great cafe that opened up a few months back, you’ll love it.”

“Should I change?”

“I know the owner and he hates it when anyone is dressed better than him or more than him for that matter. Jeans are practically a requirement, especially if they’re as tight as the rest of your pants.”

Lyndsay laughed. “You know they are. Hurry up then, I’ll be downstairs.”


Arriving in the living room Lyndsay found Miguel skyclad atop a young girl, her legs wrapped over his shoulders, both of them quite vocal. Miguel looked up, feeling Lyndsay’s eyes on him. Their eyes met, he smiled as he quickened his pace.

“Excuse me!” She shouted. “Miguel, will you please get off my couch!”

“Oh, hi Lyndsay.” He answered, not missing a stroke.

“Are you quite finished?” She asked, watching as his pace slowed and he pulled away from the girl.

Pulling his trousers back up he answered with an impish grin. “Quite.”

The girl sat up, pulling her dress down. She turned, looked at Lyndsay.” I’m sorry…” She fell silent when she realized it was the woman from the photograph. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s quite alright, I really didn’t mind. You’ve got quite a set of lungs on you.” She approached them. “I’m Lyndsay and you are?”

“Karen?” Cynthia’s voice came from behind.

“Cyn?” She got up, pushing Miguel into Lyndsay. “Oh my fucking God! Where the Hell have ya been?” She hugged Cynthia tightly. “I’ve been worried sick. I come down, you haven’t been to work or your apartment, didn’t register for any summer classes; shit girl, I was starting to think you’d been abducted by little men who were fixin’ to do some experiments on your sasquatchian ass.” She hugged her again, this time kissing her softly.

“I’ve missed you too, babe.” Cynthia smoothed out Karen’s satin black hair.

Lyndsay laughed to herself.

“What?” Miguel asked.

“That girl you just nailed used to be Cynthia’s girlfriend.” She whispered.

“No.” His voice was full of wonder as his top lip curled into a smile.

“Yes.” She laughed again watching as Karen lifted her dress and showed Cynthia the bruises.

“See.” Karen laughed. “Ask me again why I prefer girls.”

Lyndsay looked at Miguel. “Mortals bruise too easily.” He chuckled.

Cynthia had her arm around Karen. “Lyn, do you mind if Karen joins us?”

“The more the merrier I always say.” She went to them. Miguel followed.

Karen put a hand to his chest. “Hold it boy.”

“What?” He smiled. “Can’t I come?”

“I think you’ve done enough of that and besides, as much as I enjoyed your company I’d like to say, sorry, girls only.” She smiled sweetly as she turned to the open door. “Shall we go?” Cynthia took her outstretched hand.

Lyndsay laughed hard, patting Miguel’s head. “Awe, poor puppy, I’ll bring you a doggie bag.”

The girls left the mansion, closing the door behind them.

“What is this, Dog the Wolf Day?” He shouted as he lay back on the couch. “Oh well, guess I’ll just take a nap.”



The Black Book





About the Author

S.I.Hayes is the Co-Author to Awakenings: The Wrath Saga, a Paranormal drama likened to Big Brother meets The Real World, of the Preternatural.

She is currently working on the sequels to her In Dreams… Series, Due for release in 2014.

In her own words… I have a mind that is easily distracted and prone to wandering. Tangents are my forte, and if you think my characters are going to fit a cookie cutter shape of any kind, think again. They live, they love, they eat, sleep and fuck. I believe that people are inherently sexual creatures and my characters be they human or something all together else are no exception.

I don’t adhere to a single genera, I toe the line on several and wouldn’t presume to be a master of any. So I suppose you could call me jack-of-all-trade-paperbacks.

I am a truth seeker, in my life, in my work. I’d apologize for it, but I kinda can’t help m’self. It’s my best and worse personality trait, well mostly, being Bi-Polar I guess you could say that is the worse. But I believe that the disorder have made me, well… Me.

I have taken this life and twisted, carved, shaped and molded it in to the worlds of my characters. Albeit with a chainsaw, and it has made all the difference.


A Writer’s Mind, More or Less

The 131 Preview Review






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I believe good romance should make you purr and good erotic vampire romance should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Writing under a pen name, my new quest is to create steamy hot romances featuring vampires with a blend of romance and the erotic.

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