Sharon Hamilton – Guest Vampire Romance Author (With Giveaways)

Mortal BiteI’m very excited to have Romance Author Sharon Hamilton on my blog today. She is author of the SEAL Brotherhood series and this year she is starting a Vampire Romance series called the Golden Vampires of Tuscany. I see heads nodding in my audience because many of us here are  fans of vampires 🙂 So let’s check out her giveaway she’s offering today and read the interview I had with Sharon. She also included an excerpt from her latest release, Mortal Bite. I can’t wait to read both of these books! I’m adding them to my Kindle now. Have a great day everyone and I’d like to thank Sharon again for being on my blog! *victoria

Today Sharon will give away either a Honeymoon Bite (Golden Vampire Legacy) – Book 1 or Mortal Bite (Golden Vampires of Tuscany) – Book 2 Poster, signed by romance cover model Jimmy Thomas to one lucky commenter. Also, five people will receive free Kindle versions of Honeymoon Bite, book 1. To be eligible, you must leave a comment with your email address.

What is your book about?
I had so much fun writing my first vampire romance, Honeymoon Bite, that I decided I could do them in a series. Mortal Bite was something I started during Nano, and finished earlier this year. It isn’t your typical vampire story. I created Golden Vampires (of Tuscany), who can live in the sun, during the daytime, and although they are immortal, they are born as mortal children and must choose to take on the turning after they have reached puberty. In my world, Golden Vampires have one fated mate during their lifetime, and many have to wait hundreds of years to find theirs. Only fated mates can bear children, which makes them rare and highly prized, protected.

How did you come up with your title?
My hero, Paolo Monteleone, has a fondness for mortal women, preferring them over vampire lovers. He has buried three mortal wives, since he is over 300 years old and outlives them. His new love, Cara Sampson, is a mortal college professor at Sonoma State University, specializing in myth, especially the myth of vampires throughout history. She doesn’t believe in vampires at the beginning of the book, but her mind is changed after she falls in love with Paolo.

Did you learn anything from writing the book?
Absolutely! I learned that there can be a whole series. The Monteleones, a rich ancient Golden Vampire family of Italian/Czech origins, have hired dark vamps and others to be their security detail. The darks are more traditional, not being able to come out in the daylight. There is a bond between the Monteleones and four brothers of the dark vampire coven, the Jett brothers. Lionel Jett, the oldest of the siblings, is going to have his very own book, as well as Hugh Jett (nickname Huge), and there are several Monteleone siblings that will show up in later books.I also discovered the roots to the Golden Vampire lineage, in a surprising twist toward the end of Mortal Bite. It leaves the door wide open for future books.

What authors have influenced my life and writing?
The first paranormal books I loved were written by JR Ward, Nalini Singh and Kressley Cole. I love the worlds they build, but also the extreme humor. That combination of a compelling love story, danger lurking that threatens their relationship, and humor to break up the strong emotional parts, is what I strive for in my own writing, and what I enjoy reading.Tina Folsom has been one of my best writing friends and a great inspiration to me. I would not be the success today without her friendship and support. I owe her a great deal on many levels.

Who is your most popular character?
So far, Paolo Monteleone is the more popular in the Golden Vampire series. Special Operator Calvin Cooper is the most popular in my SEAL Brotherhood series. I mean, what’s not to love about a 6’4” Navy SEAL?

Excerpt from Mortal Bite: “Your food, Carabella,” Paolo said as he leaned very close and whispered in her ear. The feel of his warm breath on the side of her face brought her gently out of her trance. One hand rested on her shoulder, and the other offered a plate of crisp romaine covered in slices of chicken breast and grated Romano cheese.He sat across from her and raised his wineglass. She raised her iced tea and sipped, dropping her eyes. But he did not.“You aren’t eating?” she said.“My schedule’s been hectic. I ate something earlier. Sorry.”

She shrugged her shoulders and breathed in deeply to gather herself. She picked up her fork and began to dig into the salad. He was leaning back, tipping the wooden chair, and smiling right at her.

“Have we met before?” she asked between bites.

Whatever are you doing? Where did that come from?

“No. I think I would have remembered.” After a brief pause, he added, “Why do you ask?”

“It’s just the way you…I don’t know. You act like you know me. Like there’s some joke I’m not privy to.”

His face dropped the smile and he adopted a serious tone. “I’m not joking with you. And I’m sorry if I make you feel…uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s just me. I spook easily.”

“No doubt due to the dark creatures you study all the time.”

Cara had to agree he was right. “My friends say I find conspiracies behind every corner, mysteries everywhere. Drives them crazy sometimes.”

“But it’s what you love.”

It was a strange thing to say, but again he was right.

He leaned forward, resting his elbow on the table, and continued. “Studying mythology and symbolism makes you seek out and notice the unexpected, and things that can’t be explained easily.”

“Like vampires.”


“But you don’t believe they exist.”

“God, no.” Her hunger evaporated. “I’m going to take this home and have it for dinner.” She got up and requested a take-home box. After the server left she transferred most of her salad to the cardboard carton. “I’m more thirsty than hungry right now for some reason.”

He nodded.

Cara drank some of her iced tea and crunched on the ice chips. Placing the box and her plate to the side, she leaned onto the table and asked him, “So, what did you think of the ball?”

“It was wonderful. The first one I’ve been to in many years. I’ve missed them. The costumes were…over the top.”

Cara laughed, thinking about some of the outfits. “I’d say you have a fondness for little green faeries.”

“I admit to it,” he said with his hand to his heart. He leaned toward her. “But my fondness for angels is unequaled.”

Cara could feel the blush coming on, and suspected the top of her chest was covered with blotchy red marks. The centers of his eyes took on an iridescent coppery glow, as if small bonfires resided there. He dropped his eyes to her heaving chest and she allowed herself to be admired. When their eyes connected again, something was understood between them.

What is this?

“I’d like to hear about your studies, Cara. May I call you Cara?”

“Please. Well, I became interested in the myth of the vampire because of the symbolism. They represent the ultimate alpha male figure. Strong. All-powerful. Dominant and controlling. Immortal. The ultimate bad boy you wouldn’t want to bring home to meet your mother.”

“Interesting. Go on.”

“Women read romance novels today because they are looking for the hero in their fantasy life they would never find in real life.”

“And you think that’s wrong?”

“Of course not. I read romance novels all the time, especially paranormal romance, with vampire heroes.”

“For pleasure?”


“And so you began studying them?”

“Well, no. I am new to reading romance. Probably a good thing, too, or I would have never made it through college. Hard to tear me away from my favorites.”

“You like your alpha males.”

“Love them.”

“And do you have alpha males in your real life?”

It was a very personal question and it brought her up short. She grabbed for her iced tea, swallowed heavily and averted her eyes. With her forefinger, she traced the beads of vapor on the outside of her glass of tea. He was very still, awaiting an answer.

“I think the answer to that would be no,” she said to the top of her glass.

He squirmed in his chair, recrossing his long legs, tilting slightly back again. “Tell me more.”

“About my studies or about alpha males?”

“Whatever you want to tell me. Tell me something I wouldn’t think to ask you.”

Another strange question. His proximity made it so she couldn’t respond to the alarm bell sounding somewhere. It was like her body wanted to, but couldn’t for some reason.

“I’ve recently discovered some books by a 19th century Scottish theologian and scholar. He claims to have located the first written recordings of vampire myth. He found evidence of stories of raising the dead, giving life. Sort of like what we read about in novels about a turning.”

“Vampires turning humans. Into vampires.”

“Yes. Only this clergyman claims there was a group of people who worshiped and studied these myths shortly after the time of Christ. He wrote that there were people who practiced these black arts, but also practiced what he calls the Divine Coupling. Like there’s some blood mating ritual.”

The smile had erased from Paolo’s face. Cara knew she’d lost him again.

“I’m sorry. You asked me to tell you something I wouldn’t have normally, and I can see this was a mistake.”

He was watching her fingers move up and down her iced tea tumbler. “Couldn’t these texts be explained away as just a healthy curiosity in sex? It has been something men and women have worshiped and studied for centuries,” he finished.

“No. Well, maybe for others, but that’s not why I’m interested in it. If it’s true, he may have stumbled on the secret to immortality.  I don’t think it was about the sex. It was about living forever, and dealing with living forever. What does one do when one lives forever?”

“He drinks port?”

She smiled, glad he wasn’t taking her seriously. It didn’t hurt her feelings in the slightest. “I keep wondering what sex would be like after having a thousand years of it. Maybe the temples were built, the religion of the divine coupling was created, to fill the needs of a bored society. Maybe some of them didn’t want to live forever, and that was a problem for them.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I think they lost their immortality. On purpose. Chose to be mortal. That’s why they and most of the evidence of their civilization disappeared.”


Sharon photoAbout the Author:
Sharon loves all things paranormal: angels, fallen angels, vampires, and others who aren’t sure. Her romance stories contain themes of redemption and healing, but not exactly what you were taught in Sunday School! She writes stories that inspire women (and men) to experience the rapture and power of true love.
Look for Sharon’s new series, SEAL Brotherhood, beginning with Book 1, Accidental SEAL and the prequel short SEAL Encounter released June 2012. Book 2, Fallen SEAL Legacy was released December 2012, along with the short/prequel SEAL Endeavor. Both books have ranked consistently in the top 100 for Romantic Suspense category.Planned releases 2013: Mortal Bite (Book 2 Golden Vampires of Tuscany), Book 3 SEAL Brotherhood.Sharon and her husband live in Northern California, in the heart of the Wine Country, where most of her stories take place. When she isn’t writing, she can be found getting vera vera dirty in her flower and vegetable gardens.

Learn More About the Author:

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I believe good romance should make you purr and good erotic vampire romance should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Writing under a pen name, my new quest is to create steamy hot romances featuring vampires with a blend of romance and the erotic.

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  1. Thanks so much for being on my blog today Sharon! I’ll throw my name into the giveaway if I may. victoriaembers at gmail dot com

  2. Just popped in to show support for Sharon and her wonderful books, Got them all your in for a treat Victoria. Vamps, SEALS and Angels. Really enjoyed it ladies, wish you both all the best

  3. Fantastic interview, ladies! Sharon, I can’t wait to read this book!! And the cover is awesome!! Thanks for the giveaway!


    1. Aw, Jennifer, from one who has a very yummy cover herself, I take that as a very extreme compliment!! Thanks for the support and for stopping by.

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I’m looking forward to reading Mortal Bite and learning more about this twosome! This scene is a charmer, bringing the readers right into the intensity of their budding relationship. It is sure to be another winner from you imaginative pen.

    1. Thanks so much, Arletta. Sometimes it does feel like my pen is more creative than my brain!! LOL, but thank you for those kind words and, coming from you, another talented writer, it means a lot.

  5. It’s going great everyone! Sharon’s article has been viewed over 100 times here on my blog. Thanks for all the visits!

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